April Ashley’s 80th Birthday Book

At Liverpool Trans HQ we were overwhelmed by the number of responses to our birthday message for April campaign, it was so good to have so many of you involved! Against serious time constraints (we launched the campaign on Sunday afternoon, April’s Birthday was Wednesday!) we managed to get everything together, and we’re pretty pleased with the results!

You can view all the messages below or via our facebook page (go tag yourselves!). We did include as many of your messages as we could, unfortunately some did arrive a little too late!


April Ashley is presented with a book of 80th birthday messages from representatives of the Liverpool Trans community. Pictured: Scottie Oxton, April Ashley, Sophie Green, Liverpool Lord Mayor Erica Kemp and Vriska Serket.

A message from team April!..

‘Yesterday was an amazing day and April had a wonderful time! April loved her 80th birthday book and asked me to read every single message to her over a gin and tonic. She was very touched by how thoughtful a gift it was. Thank you Liverpool Trans community.’

Bev Ayre, Homotopia

Well done folks! Will do it all again on her 90th! 🙂

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