Wish April Ashley a happy 80th birthday

On Wednesday 29th April, Liverpool born April Ashley, trans icon, model,  actress and advocate,  will celebrate her 80th birthday. We at Liverpool Trans adore her and would like to let her know just how much she means to us and to our little community.

To mark this fabulous occasion we thought we’d ask you dear reader, to leave a message for April, wish her a happy birthday and let her know what she means to you. We’ll compile all your lovely messages and present them to her personally (more info to follow soon!), we’ll also share as many of your wonderful messages as we can online!

April8003April8004   April8002   April8001

If you want to share your messages with us on Twitter and Facebook use hashtag #April80

If you don’t know April, we insist you get to know her!

Leave your messages below and our little team at Liverpool Trans will do the rest!

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4 Responses to Wish April Ashley a happy 80th birthday

  1. Christine Beckett says:

    Happy Birthday, April. ..!!
    Hope you have a fab one. Xxx


  2. Victoria Emily Cathomen says:

    Happy birthday! My birthday is April 28th. It’s my honour to be one day in front of you. All my best wishes, Sister! Love and hug Victoria


  3. Tim says:

    Happy Birthday Ms Ashley Set Fulham on fire tonight!


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